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Pattie Phipps - Jewelry Artist

I began jewelry making in 2001 in San Diego after wandering into The Shepherdess looking for leather cord to string on silver pendants that my partner and I imported from Mexico. After a quick lesson on attaching findings I noticed some jewelry samples of techniques that would be taught in future classes. I found myself enrolled the next day in the silver wire class and I have never looked back.

I spent the next several years exploring various classes at The Shepherdess and then with Connie Fox. In February of 2005 I became an Art Clay Silver Certified Level I Instructor under the tutelage of Jonna Faulkner. In 2005, to further stretch my abilities, I enrolled in a metalsmithing class taught by Deb Jemmott which has opened new avenues in my style. I am also a certified instructor in PMC through Rio Grande. In July of 2008 I completed my Senior Level Certification with Deb Jemmott.

I am a member of the Art Clay Society, PMC Guild, Metal Arts Society of Southern California, and the Bead Society of San Diego County.

I have since made a commitment to expand my knowledge about working with various media, learning new techniques, and finding different sources of inspiration everywhere I look. The goal is to help ensure that my artistic expression has balance between material, creativity and quality. Thus being able to share, and inspire others with my passions and continuing creating ... “Art ware that’s fun to wear!”

Current Aspirations
These past few years I have expanded my knowledge of felting purses and have been incorporating my jewelry designs into them with adornments made from Fine Silver. I am a Senior Level Certified Art Clay Instructor and teach Introductory, Beginning, Intermediate, Advance, Specialty Projects and Level I and Senior Certification classes in San Diego, California.

Gratitude and Acknowledgments
There are many people whom I am grateful to for contributing to my jewelry making skills and encouraging me along my journey through the creative process and finding balance in my life.

Cooky Schock - for introducing me to the world of wire working and her generous time spent with helping me make peace with bending wire.

Jonna Faulkner - for her generous spirit and enthusiasm for teaching Art Clay Silver. Without her guidance, support, and encouragement I think I might not have pursued the medium as thoroughly as I have done. She made the process of learning this art so much fun it was infectious.

Connie Fox - for her skilled wire art instruction; many of the wire techniques present in my work I learned in her classes. Also for teaching me an endless array of interesting things to do with sheet metal; for giving me permission to step out of my “safe” color zone of black, white and beige and experience the world of color; and most importantly giving me the opportunity to teach in her studio! www.conniefox.com

Deb Jemmott - for introducing me to the wonderful and exciting world of metalsmithing. This is an ongoing process of learning and exploring which has opened new opportunities for designing. I simply cannot get enough of her classes which I continue to soak up like a sponge. www.debjemmott.com

Charlie Warner - for her beautiful lamp-work beads which give me great inspiration for creations of jewelry. www.charliescreations.com

Cornelia Jarst - for her generous gift of lamp-work beads to play with and incorporate in my work. Her beads are awesome! Please see some of my creations using Cornelia's beads at her website: www.corneliajarst.com

Pat Hill - my late best friend for her endless energy, devoted friendship and creativity, for always being an inspiration for me and her gallant fight with breast cancer. “He Ho’olaule ‘a no ke Ola o Patricia Hill, Pepuluali 8, 2001”

And most importantly - my husband, Rick - who has allowed me to spend endless hours late at night creating and most of all for letting me take over his work bench and garage to set up my studio!

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